Queen Anne’s Revenge

Attemptin’ to find Blackbeard’s secret, ye sneak onto the Queen Anne’s Revenge, where ye and your crew hands are caught ‘n thrown into the brig. With one hour ‘til sunrise, ye must find escape from capture and uncover the mystical secret afore the Cap’n returns and sends ye to Davey Jones’ Locker!

All ages are welcome. For the consideration of other guests, all parties that have participants under the age of 13 are required to book as a private event


 Non-private room (other parties may book any available spots and join you on your mission)

1-2 Players – $40 per person

3-4 Players – $38 per person

 5-8 Players  – $34 per person

 Private room (only your party will be in the room to complete the mission. All persons must be included on a single reservation)

 1 Player – $60 per person

2 Players – $45 per person

 3-4 Players – $42 per person

 5-7 Players – $36 per person

8 Players – $34 per person

***These prices are all-inclusive – No additional fees or taxes***