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Looking for things to do near Columbus, OH? Want to spend time with the family, solve puzzles with a date, or get some friends together for a night out? Come have fun at Epic Escapes! 

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An Escape Room Is A 60-Minute Fast-Paced Quest to Complete Your Mission! You and your crew will gather together in a themed room to look for clues and solve puzzles in order to complete your mission and “escape” the room. Examine those paintings on the wall, rummage through the bookshelves, or examine notes and memos to decipher a hidden code or riddle. Everywhere you look is a potential clue! You may find a series of numbers or letters you need for a combination lock or a key for a padlock. But don’t worry, if you get stumped, your friendly Game Master will drop you a hint if needed. Get busy, the countdown starts as soon as you get your mission!

We have a variety of rooms ranging in themes, difficulty, and style. Please contact us if you have any questions. Do something different with your friends, family, or date. When trying to find “Things To Do Near Columbus, OH”, look for Epic Escapes for a wonderful time. 

Fun Friends Night Out

Double Date? Friends Group? We love groups! The more minds put together, the more fun you will have! Book an escape room today and find out how much your friends really know!

Date Night Just Got Better

Looking for a unique date night idea near Columbus? We’ve got just the thing! Book an escape room with us and show your partner a wonderful time and how smart you are by solving puzzles together. 

Family Fun Time

Trying to find different things to do with the family can be hard, especially when everyone has different interests. Gather the fam and solve puzzles together! Use everyone’s strengths to solve different types of puzzles, clues, locks, and more! 

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